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Pushing Pianos is the dueling pianoshow with fun interaction and great music to dance to! Who decides which songs the band plays? It’s not the musicians…It’s you!

Fill in your request on the card, put it on one of two grand pianos and wait what happens. But you’d better not expect the Pushing Pianos to hold to the original. No siree!

The PP’s will take your song , mold and fold it, put it in a blender to make it come out exactly …, how you don’t expect it. And yet, you’ll LOVE it! All perfectly danceable. Pushing Pianos guarantee: you’ll be singing and swinging all night!

PUMPIN PIANOS SMALL: 1 pianist/zanger (solo)
PUMPIN PIANOSMEDIUM:  2 pianisten/zangers (duo)
PUMPIN PIANOS LARGE:  2 pianisten/zangers + drummer (trio)
PUMPIN PIANOS XL: 2pianisten/zangers + drummer + saxofonist (kwartet)
PUMPIN PIANOS XXL: 2pianisten/zangers, + drummer, + 3-mans blazerssectie


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Pushing Pianos

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